Everything must be finalized VERY soon so be sure you have registered with Ken Gordon, your transportation and the hotel.

I just lost a good friend from my Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 355. He was killed in a traffic accident near Nayarit, Mexico last Monday. His wife, son and a niece were all severely injured and to add insult to injury, Mexican laws prohibited his being returned whole for burial. He was cremated so he could come home ASAP. His injured survivors are being flown back to the US today on a route from Mazatlan, Arizona and Los Angeles.

Please be cautious as we are aging and losing response time quickly. Don't take unnecessary chances and don't have an accident in Mexico or any other foreign country.

I lost my hschrage@pacbell.net FOREVER. CHANGE YOUR RECORDS TO mcb3doc@gmail.com. This will be a major headache for a long -time.

Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend due to other
plans we had already made for those dates.
On another subject, I don't know if you are aware that our group of MCB3 personnel that were in Viet Nam
are eligible for VA medical compensation from Agent Orange.
I just found out about the benefit last yr. So I wonder how many others don't know either.
Just a thought.
Have a great summer,


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