The 17th annual reunion of the MCB3 Veterans Reunion Association (MCB3 VRA) ended Sunday in Seattle. We had a blast and everyone seemed to be happy.

The accommodations and food at the Seattle Airport Marriott were superb and the staff at the hotel took great care of our members’ requests as quickly as possible. The Northwest Seattle Convention Bureau and the hotel coordinated everything with great concern for our needs and their work was noted by all.

The figures aren’t in yet but it looks like our treasury will be up above last year’s figures.

We decided in our business meeting that we would change back to electing the entire board for a 2 year term as we had done in the past. Elections for all offices will be held at next year’s reunion in the Biloxi/Gulfport area from October 19 – 21, 2017. (Please consider running for an office if you have the ability and the time to do so.) All details will be worked out by April or May and notices will be sent out as before.

We will hold our 2018 reunion somewhere near Washington, DC. We will be using AFRI to help us plan for those events.

Thank you to everyone that attended the reunion, worked there to make it a success and spent hours creating beautiful gifts for inclusion in our raffle and auction. Special thanks to Tom Biehl, Victor Horvath, Ray Cruz and Phil Weatherwax for their unique donations to the cause.

Now it’s time to rest up for a few weeks and start the preparations for 2017.

The reunion is beginning today. There are quite a few members and guests here already and the excitement is tangible; at least where the alcohol is being served. We're going to have a blast.

As expected the typical veteran lies are being shared with much laughter and a few tears. The pizza party went well with enough food for the early and late diners to enjoy. Tomorrow is a free day for all to enjoy on their own. Lots to do.

I'll try to update this note a few times daily.

Everything must be finalized VERY soon so be sure you have registered with Ken Gordon, your transportation and the hotel.

I just lost a good friend from my Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 355. He was killed in a traffic accident near Nayarit, Mexico last Monday. His wife, son and a niece were all severely injured and to add insult to injury, Mexican laws prohibited his being returned whole for burial. He was cremated so he could come home ASAP. His injured survivors are being flown back to the US today on a route from Mazatlan, Arizona and Los Angeles.

Please be cautious as we are aging and losing response time quickly. Don't take unnecessary chances and don't have an accident in Mexico or any other foreign country.

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